About us

Choir on stage during Trades Hall reopening

The choir is celebrating its 30th year, after forming in Melbourne in 1990 as part of a revival of trade union choirs throughout Australia. We are union members who see the choir as belonging to the union movement, providing a musical voice to its message. We sing in acapella style—able to perform anywhere the voice of protest needs to be heard—in Melbourne, Victoria and beyond!

Our aims are to:

  • Encourage trade union membership and promote and celebrate the philosophy of trade unionism and social justice through song
  • Maintain and develop the rich tradition of songs of progressive labour and social movements, both past and present, Australian and international
  • Participate in the development of a vital trade union culture by sharing songs, skills and resources with other progressive choirs and musicians; to perform in public, particularly for trade unions and other progressive social groups.

For 30 years the Trades Hall Council has provided us with an historic and elegant rehearsal space. For this we are eternally grateful.